Sonoma Laughfest

Back for the 3rd year!

SEATING & RUN TIME: All shows are General Admission (no assigned seats or ducking in early to save seats). Each night of Sonoma Laughfest (October 13-15) is 3 one-hour long shows with 30 minute breaks in between. Unlike in past years, all Laughfest tickets are tickets for the entire evening's experience.

RATINGS: Generally speaking, all shows start at PG-13 and sometimes range to R as the time gets later, as such this festival would not be appropriate for children under 13. Use your best judgement for folks aged 13 - 17. Improv Shows: The show is being created on the spot, so be aware of that going in if you have more reserved tastes, as we cannot predict what the content of these shows will be.

HANDY TIPS: Arriving early helps us get everyone their drinks before the show with ease and helps start the show on time. Purchasing tickets ahead of time saves you a little money and helps us get you out of the line and into the fun faster :)

E-TICKETS/PAPER TICKETS: We have no need for you to print your tickets - once you've bought your ticket, you are in our system. The option exists more as a security blanket for you (if you need it) than anything else. The future is here! Let's save you some paper, ink (ink is expensive!), and time :)

REFUNDS: No refunds or exchanges. All purchases are final.